Sulfate- Free, Formaldehyde-Free

(Pet) Neemo's Anti- itch Conditioner

PH Naturals by Pam

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    • Raw honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, Honey speeds up your skin cells' healing processes It’s full of antioxidants.
    • It’s extremely moisturizing and hydrates even the driest of skin.
    • Honey is naturally soothing and has healing properties (it is often used to help heal wounds).
    • Honey is good for pet skin.

    • basil is nontoxic to cats and dogs and basil is left on itchy skin to relieve the discomfort instantly.   

    • Lavender A powerful natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, the lavender essential oil can help soothe your pet’s red, irritated, and itchy skin. Together with its anti-bacterial properties, lavender can also be useful for sun or skin burns, small cuts, wounds, and bug bites. It even helps soothe and restore dry skin.